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Clause 4.- UPAEP financial aids department or any given entity UPAEP determines liable will be in charge of awarding subsidies for educational purposes.


Clause 5.- Financial aid will be focused mainly on the economic needs of the applicant as well as their academic performance as proven through their grades and certifications.

Clause 6.- Applicants should hand in all information required to the department of financial aid, provided that it be completely factual.

Clause 7.- Information provided by the applicant will be verified through a socio-economic study carried out under the utmost confidentiality; the cost of which will be covered by the applicant.


Clause 8.- UPAEP reserves the right to modify or cancel financial aid issued through any method when there is a justified reason, taking the college policies into account if the circumstances for which the financial aid was granted have changed.

Clause 9.- From the moment the students receives any type of financial aid he or she is obliged to maintain an attitude of reciprocity towards the university and therefore must show a supportive attitude towards any activity the university carries out. If this does not prove to be the case UPAEP reserves the right to withdraw the subsidy at its convenience.

Clause 10.- Financial aid will be withdrawn in any of the following situations:
a) If the student stops making payments towards the unpaid balance (the difference between the total payment of the tuition and percentage of scholarship granted)
b) If the student is disqualified from taking their final exam in any subject due to absenteeism
c) If the student fails any subject in the final exam.
d) If the student maintains a general average lower than required.
e) If the student does not do the renovation procedure in due time.
f) If the student fails to comply with the institutional reciprocity service. A student who has been granted a scholarship has the obligation of rendering denominated scholarship service equivalent to 5 hours a week if the percentage is 10 to 50% and ten hours a week if the percentage is above 50 %. The number of weeks during Fall will be 16 and 8 during Spring.

Clause 11.- The lost financial aid could be recovered one time only, if the fault that provoked the cancelation of the service is mended.


FIRST.- The general requirements for the granting of scholarships and educational loans as well as any resolutions that oppose it are revoked.

SECOND.- This rule of order will be effective as of the day of its publication on the official university bulletin boards.

THIRD.- To carry this out, through the university rector it will be submitted to the approval of the government board for its declaration in terms of the article 23 fraction 3 from the general statute of the university.

FOURTH.- This was agreed on by the university council at a meeting held on the 4th of December of 2000.

Mtro. Emilio José Baños Ardavín


The Government board of the Universidad Popular Autónoma del Estado de Puebla in an ordinary meeting held on the 19th of June of 2001 based on article 23 fraction 3 from the general statute, agreed unanimously to declare the following rule of order. For its correct and complete compliance it is to be published on the official bulletin boards.





General Outlines


Clause 1.- The following rule of order regulates the financial aid to students in low income situations that have shown high performance in their studies in order for them to receive education at university level at UPAEP.

Ordinary Scholarship
It is described as financial aid when UPAEP grants aid to a student that meets the requirements and that may receive a maximum of 80% of the total amount of the regular tuition, according to the current payment system. It will always be compounded in the following form: 50% scholarship and 50% loan.


Extraordinary Scholarship

• Excellence Scholarship. It is described as financial aid when UPAEP grants aid to a student, due to his or her excellent academic performance. This scholarship is for new students who hold the highest scores within their high school.

• Sports Scholarship. It is described as financial aid when UPAEP grants aid to a student who excels at athletic activities and whose performance encourages other students to participate in sporting activities.

• External Sponsorship Scholarship. It is described as financial aid that could be granted by student associations, graduate student associations, enterprises, companies, local, national or foreign institutions.

• Research Scholarship. It is granted to outstanding high school level students who wish to study a university degree while participating in research projects, innovation and disclosure of the corresponding knowledge areas related to the ongoing term.

• Scholarship for micro regions. “Betting on the future”. These are granted in alliance with social organizations, educational and support scholarships for students who come from micro regions, so that they can have a positive effect upon returning to their communities.

• Death insurance. The financially liable person in charge of the students inscribed in the school-based system (parent or guardian) will be given insurance so that in case of death the student can finish his college education according to the school they are registered in (tuition payment). Such insurance is subject to the regulations established in the contract signed with the insurance company. The financially liable person is designated in the admission application form which has a specific entry for it.







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Frequently Asked Questions


How can I process financial aid at UPAEP?
During the period of time stated in the official call, you must go to the financial aid department to obtain an application form on which will be indicated the documentation needed for creating your personal file as well as the date in which you should hand them in.

What is the average required to ask for some type of financial aid?
Minimum average: 8.5

Can I ask for financial aid in the first semester?
Yes, the financial aid department receives applications for bachelor’s degrees starting in the first semester.

What type of financial aid does the UPAEP grant?
UPAEP grants a variety of financial aid, including scholarships, loans, sports scholarships and external sponsorship.

How much can I expect to receive in financial aid?
Financial aid can go from 20% to 80% of the cost of the tuition, depending on the results of the socio-economic research, not the academic average.