Admission Process

Step 1.Start your admission process here.

Step 2.Present the admission exam in the school selected on the assigned date.
Once the exam has been passed, you will receive an acceptance letter with your registration number as well as all the information necessary to carry out the inscription process in the school you selected.

Step 3.Deliver the required documents:

  • Acceptance letter

The  Highest  academic  quality  focused  on the person, is not an improvised issue; it is the result of many years of experience, with the intention of consolidating our high School as the best educational option for teenegers in Mexico; this has been our commitment for over 42 years of service to the society.


This document is only a sample of the strength of our  value  proposal.  Today:  Teachers,  students, parents, authorities, and society, confirm the relevance of our educational and innovative model, also considered as flexible, international, but above all, with the highest academic rigor. Our High Schools are real communities where teachers and students, have the opportunity to potentiate their talents and pursue their dreams in the most enthusiastic manner.


We invite you to visit UPAEP University High School, the best choice of high school education through our an educational model for true leaders that assume their commitment to transform and improve the global community which already belong to; an academic, formative, innovative, flexible, and relevant model, in line with the realities and challenges presented by today's world.


General Director
UPAEP University Baccalaureate System

Do it successfully, Do it UPAEP!