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- First semester tuition down payment (*) / First time registration fee $ 3,570.00
- College debenture fees $ 1,650.00
- Guardian life insurance $    650.00
- Advance payment Larger medical expenses insurance down payment (**) and medical assessment
$    1,680.00
- Identification card $    250.00
- Total $ 8,010.00


(*) For all majors, EXCEPT Veterinary Medicine and Animal Husbandry, this fee is a down payment from the first semester tuition. This major will be paid with a fixed tuition, regardless of the number of subject taken, thus, this amount represents the new entry fee.

(**) This insurance is paid by semester and has coverage all 365 days of the year, 24 hrs. The balance of this insurance will be added to your monthly tuition payments.


Registration for Nursing School $ 3,475.00

Registration is ONLY paid the first semester, at the beginning of you studies.



TUITIONS (Valid for 2015)


The tuition payment will be done in 4 parts, due on the 16th of February, March, April and May for the Spring term; and September, October, November and December for the Fall term. Each partial payment will amount to:

Majors with a fixed tuition (regardless of the number of subjects taken):


Veterinary Medicine and Animal Husbandry $ 9,345.00
Bachelor’s degree in Nursing $ 2,605.00

Majors with varying tuition (regarding the number of subjects taken):


Average partial payment for Medicine and Odontology (42 units): $ 9,891.00 *
Average partial payment Pre-Medicine: $ 12,968.00 *
Average partial payment for the rest of the Majors (36 units): $9,503.00 *


* This payment can be lower or higher, depending on the number of subjects taken, chosen by each student, in agreement with our flexible system of subject load and the possibility to take up to three subjects during the summer.

REREGISTRATIONS (as of the second semester)

-- Nursing and Veterinary Medicine and Animal Husbandry are subject to a re-registration fee applied every semester, which is approximately equivalent to ONE partial payment.

- The remaining majors are subject to a down payment of the tuition of that semester to be able to re-register.


(*) Prices are subject to change without prior warning


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